Digital & Social Media

I am a social and digital media professional. I'm also the social media specialist at the Inland Northwest's largest and most-loved credit union, STCU.


I co-produce and write a week-daily podcast called A Thousand Things to Talk About. Every day I ask a question and provide just a little context.

Public Speaking

I have been speaking in public for well over 2/3 of my life, and revel in it. Topics include questions, communications, social media, and more. Presentation information.

I believe that…

Speaking to someone in their chosen medium is incredibly powerful.

Asking a question is one of the most respectful acts you can engage in.


Projects, poetry, and more.

The psychological alchemy of questions

There’s an alchemy in questions. Somehow that combination of words, tone, and curiosity blend to create conversation, emotional response, and social connection.Asking a question creates a shared framework for communication, and opens us up to Read more…