I believe that..

Speaking to someone in their chosen medium is incredibly powerful.
Asking a question is one of the most respectful acts you can engage in.

What clients have to say

  • “Andrea is an intelligent and thought-provoking speaker! Her willingness to integrate my company’s goals into her presentation provided us with actionable take-aways that will be used by our team for years to come. Her perspective and ideas were relatable, universal, and easily connect with a broad audience. She is fabulous!”

    Dani Witte, CEO of Power Marketing

  • “It was obvious that when she’s speaking, Andrea is completely in her element. She made her topic interesting, exciting, and gave us actionable takeaways!”

    Greenville AAF Creative Fuel

  • “Andrea wasn’t kidding about being a research nerd! This presentation was absolutely PACKED with information to help make my case!”

    PRSA Connect 2019

  • “Best session of the week. Best presenter, best topic, and most useful information. Andrea was such an amazing speaker that I would personally refer her to my CEO to come and speak as a subject matter expert to train our team.”

    CUNA M&BD Conference 2019

Where you may have seen me

I do award-winning work

  • In 2019, while I was serving as the Digital Brand Manager, the STCU team was given three Diamond Awards, including two for digital-first omni-channel campaigns.

    2019 CUNA Diamond Awards

  • In 2018, my work on a Facebook Live broadcast and contest was honored with a Spokane Regional AAF Gold Addy Award in the social media – single execution category.

    AAF Addy Gold

  • In 2018, while I was serving as the Digital Marketing Assistant Manager, the STCU team took home six Diamond Awards, including one category’s best and awards for several omni-channel campaigns.

    2018 CUNA Diamond Awards

  • While I was serving as the Digital Marketing Specialist, the STCU Marketing Department received five Diamond Awards, including one category’s best and one for our financial education blogging efforts.

    2017 CUNA Diamond Awards

  • In 2017, while I was serving as Digital Marketing Specialist, the STCU team received 14 Spokane Regional MarCom Association Spark Awards, including four recognitions for digital or digital-first campaigns.

    2017 Spark Awards

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