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parrishRaised in a small farming town in the Rockies by two incredible entrepreneurs. Living on a mini-farm and working as a communications, social media, an digital media geek in the Inland Northwest. Podcaster and conversation starter at A Thousand Things to Talk About.

My name, face, projects, and a few ideas have made it around the world a time or two. I’ve always been obsessed with creating and telling powerful stories. I believe that speaking to someone in their chosen medium is one of the most respectful things you can do.


I do marketing, communications, digital media, and content creation. Currently, I head social media for one of the Inland Northwest’s largest and most beloved credit unions, STCU.

In the past, I’ve worked for a variety of employers and clients, and excel at finding, crafting, and communicating powerful, story-driven messages in a variety of platforms. With extensive experience in public speaking and public presentation, I can help translate between groups with widely varying goals and communication patterns.

I have served at various points as a magazine managing editor, a professional blogger, SEO consultant, website rebuild project manager, press release author and media contact, marketing coordinator, product photographer, and event manager. For more information about my professional experience, please visit my LinkedIn page.


I have a passion for exploring new ideas in lots of different ways. This manifests in many ways, including in my week-daily podcast that explores a different conversation topic every day. Check it out at AThousandThingsToTalkAbout.com

At one point, I ran Your Table Gourmet, a personal chef business; I also co-founded the successfully Kickstarted business Savor Sweets, a gourmet all-natural candy company. I got into photography when I “borrowed” my big brother’s SLR camera, and occasionally show my artwork around the state. I write poetry now and again, and have been known to drop in on a poetry slam now and again.

I live with some of my chosen family on a 1.26 acre mini-farm and orchard with dozens of fruit trees and a large garden. We make our best effort at living in a manner that is as sustainable as is practical, honoring the cycles and patterns of the planet Earth. This priority brought Pete, my husband and I, our 15 minutes of fame thanks to Wedding Cans.

Check out my Journal for more about the thoughts, ideas, projects, and passions that fill our days.

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