My Zapier Story

While working as a Digital Marketing Specialist for STCU, my current employer, I was in desperate need of a way to streamline anxiety-inducing processes. As the person responsible for all online reputation management, I was constantly checking over a dozen different websites and networks for notifications I may have missed. I tried finding a social media monitoring service that covered everything I wanted, but after a year of searching I was convinced it didn’t exist.

So I resolved to build my own. I did research, sketched out my idea, and convinced my boss to give me two days to try and build something. I used Zapier as the lynchpin for an entirely new social media monitoring tool built around Slack, and it not only worked, it’s still the system we use today, saving my team an estimated 30 hours a week in manual work. The setup has also been replicated dozens of times by social managers around the world.

Zapier has also become the tool of choice for my team. We require Zapier compatibility (or some way to back into compatibility) for any new tool we implement. Our social media scheduling system is now built around it too. And I’ve even converted my podcast production, our family’s urban farmstead, and my partner’s business all over to using Zapier in their processes.

Job Fit

Strategy-builder, detail lover

Don’t compromise for someone who only sees the forest or the trees. I’m happy and comfortable in both roles – and everywhere in between.

15+ years marketing experience

Across industries and job roles, I approach marketing as a collaborative exercise in great communication.

Problem solving = job satisfaction.

I research for fun and revel in New Project Energy. I’m happiest when I’m finding a new-to-me way to make things better.

Communications obsessed

I believe that truly good marketing is based in good communications, which is a skill set that must be developed and practiced – in and out of marketing goals.

Cultural Compatibility

Questions are my way of life

I’ve got a tattoo – and a TEDx Talk – that are the external expressions of my deeply held belief that asking questions leads to a better life. We are often told to ask more questions, but rarely guided through the roadblocks that may stop us from doing so. I dive into those roadblocks to try and find ways around them.

My team is smarter than me

As a manager, mentor, and coach, my job is to hire the people who know their jobs better than I ever will, and help clear the way so they can do their work better than they ever have before.

Empathy makes us human

I believe empathy and understanding build better relationships. Rather than getting frustrated, it’s much more productive to ask questions and try to build understanding.

Learning is a two-way street

It’s up to each person to decide how they want to approach feedback and learning opportunities, and I work hard to recognize and embrace them while collaboratively providing feedback to others.

Data-driven marketing successes I’m proud of


expected enrollment in the first cohort of students for a new two-year law school program.


Number of times I’ve gone viral. Once with the story of my wedding, once with a National Donut Day article for my SEO content writing employer, and once with a billboard for loans at STCU.

Strategy, Program, and Team Development Experience


hours saved every month in STCU’s ad placement process through team-based process improvement and tool development (including Zapier!)


Monthly digital touchpoints with members that my team of 6 manages at STCU, including email, social media, website, online reputation management, and more.


Years as the credit union adviser for the Credit Union National Association Digital Marketing School, with 50+ attendees each year.

$2.5 million

Yearly advertising and promotions budget co-managed.

Two ideas guide everything I do:

1- Asking a question is one of the most respectful acts you can engage in.

2- Speaking to someone in their chosen language or on their chosen platform is the best choice you can make.

So: how would you like to continue this conversation?