I have an incredibly unusual blend of experience and skills that can benefit just about any business. As the daughter of two small business owners and former small business owner myself, I have been in and truly understand the challenges that businesses from one person to two thousand people can face. As a one-time or ongoing consultant, I have a skill for getting to the root of the challenge quickly, and working collaboratively to find a solution.

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Marketing & Communications

With 15+ years of marketing, public relations, organizational communication, and digital marketing experience, I am able to consult with your organization on any aspect of MarComm efforts.

Marketing Tech Stacks

In today’s marketing landscape, the technology that your marketing and communications team uses has a gigantic impact on the everyday workload of your team. I have helped organizations:

  • Cut 40+ hours a month off of their media placement processes,
  • Develop custom-built social media and online reputation monitoring and alert systems,
  • Created highly regulated industry-compliant social media planning and approval programs,
  • Implemented and integrated existing technology with new programs and goals
  • Streamline project management and reporting, helping integrate over a dozen budget management, project management, editorial calendars, and information spreadsheets into one database.

Information Technology and Information Security departments also have more of a say than ever before in marketing efforts. I have extensive experience translating between these groups. If you’re running into roadblocks communicating your MarComm needs to your organization, I can also help smooth the process.

Social Customer Service

The research is exceedingly clear – if you don’t have great digital member and customer service, you’re losing money and customer loyalty. No matter if your organization is just starting out, or has a mature program, I can help identify strengths and opportunities within you service processes — and help make the case to the organization. While at Gonzaga University School of Law and STCU, I created social media service processes and programs compliant with federal and state regulations. At STCU, our digital service team was considered an industry leader that has served as a service model for credit unions across the nation.

I can help your organization develop processes and procedures for social service that serves your customers while maintaining your team’s sanity, as well as train your social media team on best practice — including responding to trolls and haters.

Social Media Strategy

From what platforms to be on to what to post on a regular basis, social media can be challenging no matter what size your organization is. I can help with social media audits, strategy, and implementation training and guidelines specific to your industry, business size, and maturity in the social media space. This includes a strategy for engaging internal communications and employees, who can be some of the most powerful social media advocates already in your corner.

Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation is more than just your social media presence. It encompasses your location listings, website / SEO, thought leader content, employer reviews, and more. The world of online reputation can feel overwhelming. If you haven’t thought about it, have reputation repair to do, or want a check-up to ensure that your organization is looking as good as possible online, I can help.


Why would you need a consultant on questions? If your business, sales processes, employee communications, or even personal development are feeling stuck, then taking a close look at what questions you are asking and how they’re structured might be just what you need. I have helped:

  • Tech startups develop quizzes and surveys to reach their business goals
  • Large organizations review their employee engagement surveys to reduce unintentional bias in their questions
  • Small businesses uncover their strengths and opportunities, goals, and process breakdowns
  • Financial education teams uncover more effective questions for assisting clients.


In partnership with Jeremiah Puhek, I’ve co-taught several Podcasting 101 classes for local non-profits. We’ve produced over 800 podcast episodes of our own, and helped the creators of several popular podcasts, including Brain Junk. We can assist with everything from improving your existing podcast to helping turn your idea into reality.

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