Spokane AAF

As a marketing and communications professional who has been working in the Spokane area for over a decade, I appreciate the deep impact the Spokane AAF has on the community. I’m excited for the opportunity to put my organizational skills, process focus, and communication experience to work for an organization I love. I think I’m a great fit because I would bring to the position…

Communication Skills

Member Communication

As a small business owner, consultant, and fanatic about customer experience, I appreciate the importance of responding to messages, mail, and email in a timely and respectful manner.

Organizational Communication

My goal for any organization I work with is that transitions go smoothly. This includes extensive documentation and careful communication with leadership. While it means more up-front work, it results in a much better experience for everyone.

Event Management

My mom owned a catering and reception business the entire time I was growing up. Having helped plan, prepare, and manage events for five people to five thousand people, I understand the intricacies of everything that goes into an event.

Information Administration


My family jokes that databases are my love language. While at STCU, I custom-built both databases and information management processes that cut hours off of media placement and social media tasks. I find it satisfying to ensure that data is organized well and usefully.


I’ve been utilizing WordPress to build and manage websites since version 2.1 (Ella) in 2007. While at Gonzaga Law, I migrated and rebuilt the law school’s entire web presence in WordPress as a several-year stopgap while the main university website was rebuilt.

Money Management

As a small business owner, I understand the necessity of keeping financial records updated, accurate, and detailed. I have a basic understanding of Quickbooks, and am able to work closely with bookkeeping or accounting services for audits and tax filing.

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And if I look a little familiar, you may recognize me from this AAF event a few years ago: