Public Speaking

It’s true: public speaking is my drug of choice. I’ve been speaking in public since I first stood in front of the Blackfoot City Council at the age of 8 to defend the expense of a public swimming pool, and haven’t looked back since. With eight years of competitive speech and debate training, dozens of conference, classroom, and organizational presentations under my belt, numerous virtual presentations on a variety of topics, and a turn on the TEDx stage, I’m an extraordinarily adaptable and flexible speaker.

A playlist of 7 videos representing on-stage, online, and recorded presentations.

When you hire me for your event or project, you’ll get:

  • Content customized to the goals you are aiming for
  • Actionable takeaways that your attendees can put into practice that day and in the future
  • An energetic and adaptable speaker who can keep audiences entertained
  • Consulting on potential networking or social hour questions to help attendees get the most out of their experience
  • The option to have your event, or other sessions, live-tweeted in my unique and award-winning style.

I’ve been tapped last-minute for main-stage presentations in front of over 1,000 attendees, packed conference rooms beyond their capacity for breakout sessions, and acted as emcee as well as instructor for week-long intensives.

Where You’ve Seen Me:

TEDx Coeur d’Alene : “Love the Questions Themselves”, 2017

Innovation Women@Home, 2020

Tri-Cities Women in Business Summit : 2019

Credit Union National Association Digital Marketing School : Advisor, Assistant, and Presenter, 2018-2021

Goodwill Industries National Summer Conference : 2019

My only complaint is that it wasn’t longer! I could’ve listened for another 30 minutes!!!! Great stuff!

Session feedbackTri-Cities Women in Business Conference

National Association of Federal Credit Unions Strategic Growth : 2020

Goodwill Industries National Summer Conference : 2019

PRSA Connect (Internal Communications) : 2019

CUNA Marketing & Business Development : 2018 & 2019

Tri-Cities Women in Business Conference : 2019

Cornerstone Credit Union League Annual Marketing Conference : 2018

Social Media Week Coeur d’Alene : 2018

Awesome session!! A well-thought-out, easy to follow presentation with tangible tips on what we can do […]. Thank you!!

Session feedback CUNA Marketing & Business Development


See Beneath Your Beautiful hosted by Hara Allison

Marketing The Movement hosted by Daniel Bradshaw

Act with Alina Podcast hosted by Alina Murcar

ICology Podcast with Chuck Gose

BeTheTalk Podcast hosted by Nathan Eckel.

CUNA News Podcast hosted by Bill Merrick

It was a pleasure having Andrea as a guest on my podcast. She isn’t afraid to answer any question and her thoughtfulness and openness are a real treat! I highly recommend Andrea!

Hara AllisonSee Beneath Your Beautiful
Blogs & Articles

The Inlander Podcast Feature

How to Monitor Your Bank or Credit Union’s Reputation on Social Media on the Epicosity Blog

Chuck Chats: The Power of Social Media and Radically Trusting Employees on the Bananatang Blog

Quoted in about podcasting

Stukent : Expert Session

Greenville AAF : Creative Fuel Presentation

Northwest Credit Union Association : Community Outreach Council

Power Marketing Team Development : Digital Presentation

Spokane MOMs Club : Workshop

EWI Spokane General Meeting : Luncheon Speech

Mid-Columbia Tri-Cities SCORE : Business Owner Workshop

Women’s Leadership Luncheon : Luncheon Workshop

Secure Spokane 2018 : Security Ninja

Spark Central Podcasting 101 : Co-hosted series in 2017 and 2018

Spokane Credit Union Chapter : Professional Development Workshop

Spokane AAF : Pika Kutcha Event

CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council : Digital Roundtable

Tri-Cities Regional Chamber of Commerce : Ask The Experts Panel

Andrea is an intelligent and thought-provoking speaker! Her willingness to integrate my company’s goals into her presentation provided us with actionable take-aways that will be used by our team for years to come.

Dani Witte, CEOPower Marketing