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Slide Decks

Audio Files

These are three options for audio editing practice. The zip contains both the directories and .aup files.

Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects

BBC Sound Effects Library

Release Form Examples

The One You Feed
University of Virginia School of Law


Blue Designs Snowball ($70)
Upgrade: Rode Podcaster ($229)

Slightly more complicated
Blue Designs Yeti ($130)
Upgrade: Blue Designs Raspberry ($199)

Field Recording
Zoom ZH1 ($80)
Upgrade: Roland R05 ($229)

Want to go to the “prosumer” level?
Read Jeremiah’s guide to microphones, or just buy him a beer and ask him to pick out what you need.

Audio Editing

Download Audacity

The Audacity Manual wiki is a great step-by-step of everything you need, or check out the wealth of YouTube videos.

Publishing Resources

All-in-one solutions
Libsyn: one of the most popular podcasting solutions. Price based mostly on the amount of storage, which resets once every 30 days. Provides a limited webpage, RSS feed management, a custom mobile app, statistics, and more. Not the most flexible look and feel, but low stress. Plans range from $7 per month to $75 per month.

Simplecast: Lives up to its name. Doesn’t offer a lot of flexibility, but definitely offers simplicity. Plan is $12 a month, and it provides a basic, audio and notes only website, “unlimited” bandwidth and storage, and metrics.

Not Quite all-in-one
Seriously Simple Podcasting by Castos – Hosting and statistics, you need a WordPress website to integrate with. $15 per month.

BluBrry / PowerPress: All-in-one option is based on WordPress,, which gives an option for a more fully-featured site. Includes a website, RSS feed assistance, statistics, audio and video management, and more. Limits are on the number of visits per month and storage resets every 30 days. More cost equals more flexibility with PowerPress. Costs range from $12 per month and up.

Homebrew tools
Seriously Simple Podcasting: A WordPress plugin that adds on to your self-hosted WordPress.org website (not WordPress.com). Has a paid option, too (see above).

BluBrry PowerPress: WordPress plugin that you can add on to your self-hosted WordPress.org website. They also offer a variety of paid plans (see above). Gives a variety of player options, tagging, migration tools, and more.

PodTrac: Statistics only service that is completely free and sits on top of the RSS feed. Has audience survey tools as well.

Feedburner: Google’s RSS Feed tool that is an “oldie but goodie.” Provides pretty good statistics, comparatively.

Website Tools: SquareSpace, Weebly, WordPress, etc etc etc.

Training Resources

NPR Radio / Audio 101 (Jeremiah’s favorite)
Helen Zaltzman – how to Podcast (Andrea’s favorite)

Creating Podcast Art

Pablo from Buffer (use Instagram size)

You need a press kit

Yes, really. Check out Wil Wiliams Reviews for a rundown.

So You Want To Sell Ads on Your Podcast?

Advertise Cast