Hi, Epicosity!

With a skill for taking the most complex challenges and asking the questions that help create effective solutions, I’m able to put ideas to work. With 5 years in the financial industry, 3 years in higher ed, and 2 years in the outdoor industry, I’m uniquely suited to help Epicosity.

And if my name sounds a bit familiar, it’s because Epicosity sponsored one of my sessions at last year’s CUNA Marketing & Business Development conference.

Skills I bring to the table

Marketing Tech

I adore the feeling of finding the right technological solution to a problem. I’ve hand-built custom tools for online reputation monitoring, social media management, project management, and media placement. I’ve also helped clients and employers implement new tech solutions.

Social & Digital

I’m super-passionate about creating an unforgettable experience for members and customers. This often means helping change mindsets, encouraging organizations embrace “hugging the haters,” and creating robust social media programs. I extend that to the email, website, and digital advertising experience, too.

Research Insight

Research is my hobby. I try to never quote a statistic or suggestion without the research to back it up. I’m able to take seemingly esoteric data and turn it into actionable steps that will help reach measurable goals.Ask me why it’s a good idea to ask questions more often.

Yeah, but where’s the proof?

At STCU, I created a tech stack and automated workflows that cut our traditional and digital media placement efforts from a multi-person weekly effort to a 4-6 hour weekly to-do list item.

I was named a 2019 FiServe Credit Union Magazine “CU Rockstar,” one of only 50. I also received the CUNA Volunteer of the Year award for helping create and run the CUNA Digital Marketing School.

At Gonzaga University School of Law, I helped brand and market the 2-year Accelerated Law degree, doubling the expected first-year enrollment for the new program.

So what’s the goal here?

I’ve got extensive experience in the financial industry as well as Epicosity’s other target markets. I understand marketing inside and out, and am passionate about finding great solutions. The goal is for me to be able to help out Epicosity as a consultant or freelancer in whatever way makes sense for the challenges and plans you have.

Prefer a more traditional introduction?

I understand! You can download a PDF of my resume below, or check out my LinkedIn profile.