I’d love to join Calm and help listeners learn something new in 5 minutes.

I think I’m a great fit for the Lead Content Writer because…

I’ve already created


daily episodes

of a 2-5 minute long, heavily researched podcast helping listeners learn something new.

Listen to a few examples below.

I use data to dig into trends and pinpoint opportunities. Then I create niche content that’s still interesting to many audiences.

As marketing manager at Gonzaga University School of Law, I used this skill to


the targeted enrollment in the first year of a new program.

A Thousand Things to Talk About

Started in 2016, this personal project podcast has 720 standard episodes and several longer format special editions. It takes a daily discussion topic and dives into the research, conversation, and information around the topic while leaving the final conclusion up to the listener.

With assistance of an audio producer, I researched, scripted, and recorded each episode. I also wrote titles, descriptions, and social media posts for each episode.

A few sample episodes:

Episode 536: Grateful
Episode 600: Be Brave
Episode 697: Future Vision
Episode 703: Avoidance
Episode 204: Challenging Moments

The show itself is based on a much longer-running personal project called “Love the Questions Themselves,” where I ask a single discussion topic question every weekday. I have a database of over 2,000 questions and love talking about the importance of approaching life with questions in mind. I give keynote speeches regularly on the topic.

Hear my first major speech on the topic:

*Please note: The podcast feed may not currently be publicly available.

I’m also great at managing processes, details, and teams.

In the past, this has included:

Managing a team of 6 writers, web managers, digital marketers, designers, and social media people at STCU, a large regional credit union.

I was promoted to this position after less than a year as an assistant manager leading a team of 3.

Creating solutions to significantly streamline processes, including one automation / database combination that cut 32 hours a month off of one person’s work.

The social media management system I created for Slack is used by hundreds of individuals around the world.

Starting and operating three small businesses (seven if you count my childhood lemonade stands, dog walking businesses, and the like), including one of the first ones started with Kickstarter in the Spokane area. Two have been sold to new owners.

And finally, mental health and personal development are a passion of mine.

Both personally and in my family, I have experienced the impact of depression, anxiety, and mental heath challenges.

I live by the mantra that it’s important to create the world that you want to live in and help others create theirs. And while you can’t control the reactions of those around you, you can control your own responses. That manifests in a number of ways, including:

— I’ve instituted a “mental health days are still health days” policy for my team, ensuring that they know I value their health on every level.

— I have advocated for mental health support, as well as LGBTQ and other diversity initiatives, at several previous employers.

— I dedicate at least 30% of my personal research and reading to personal development of a variety of types. I’m currently reading “The Power of Habit.”

— I believe that asking a question is one of the most respectful things you can do, because assumption is the enemy of understanding.

Also… I love my Calm app subscription and use it daily.