AAF Presentation: Facebook is a living room, Twitter is a cocktail party

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Earlier this year, I was invited by the American Advertising Federation of Spokane to give one of the three speeches for their first-ever Pika Kucha style event. They modified the format slightly, asking for 20 slides for 30 seconds each and a presentation to go with them. I knew almost immediately what I wanted to talk about: a theory that I’d been working on for a while. Namely, what exactly the proper metaphor for many of the social networks out there might be.

One of the most common questions I’m asked (after “so what did you go to school for?”) when people hear that I do social media full-time is “so what exactly is Twitter about anyway?” I’ve puzzled out over the years that it’s easiest to explain by staring with a network that at least most people are passingly familiar with – namely, Facebook. And then relate it to something else they have passing familiarity with.

It’s an idea that makes explaining why crossposting isn’t a respectful social media strategy much, much easier. And it’s a way to explain the basic expectations of most social networks very simply.

What’s your favorite way to explain your preferred social media network?