Soulfire : Creative Snowballing

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I don’t remember where I first met Christina Deubel – I am fairly certain it was at a Twitter meetup, where I first noticed another tall woman, and only after that realized that she was the artist I’d been admiring the works of online. Even if that wasn’t where it first was, her artwork is consistently amazing to me. She is not only an incredible artist, she is also an incredible person – wonderfully encouraging, supportive, positive, and always happy to lend a hand, be it with a crazy artistic idea or threshing oats on the farm. A few years ago, I had an incredibly fun time photographing her at work.

This morning I noticed a new painting Christina had shared on Instagram and Facebook called “Soul Fire”: Deubel Soul Fire

and it drew me in. Seriously staring-at-it-brain-going-a-thousand-miles-a-minute entranced. And over a coffee break today, I ended up writing a poem inspired by her painting. I’ve been feeling not particularly poetical lately, so it took me by very happy surprise. Moments of “creative snowballing” – to steal a term – are, in my mind, incredible gifts that an artist may never know that they have given another, but are still part of the absolute joy of sharing creativity. Thank you, Christina, for sharing!

Soulfire, The Everything Seed

by Andrea Parrish

Trying to explain
Could perhaps begin

By describing how I may be
The culmination of thousands of days
Millions of cell divisions
And just a few trillion
Thoughts, hopes, and desires

Or how I may be
A surprisingly powerful
Tiny everything seed
Just looking for rich soil
A filtering shaft of golden light
And a rainstorm in which to bloom

Yet no matter how I begin
It feels deeply unfinished
And unsatisfying at the moment

Yet turning around
I see a winding path
Glowing with the energy
I have poured into each moment
Glowing with the passions I have
Discovered and dedicated myself to

Glowing with the passions found
And passions yet to be discovered
Utilizing yet not consuming
Reaching out for the stars

Returning rich and nourishing love
To the soil, creating a friendlier place
For new seeds that may find a home
In the paths around which I have tread

I may be “merely” skin and bones
Yet my soulfire expands far beyond
Those limits of flesh
We each have the opportunity to
Ignite the soil and trees
The skin and bones of the world around us

Rather than trying to explain
Turn around
And look at the winding paths
Already aflame with the energy and passions
Poured into the world,
Nourishing your everything seed

If you happen to be in Spokane, you should check out Christina at one of her many art showings, including tomorrow evening at Auntie’s Books!