Public Speaking

It’s true: public speaking is my drug of choice. I’ve been speaking in public since I first stood in front of the Blackfoot City Council at the age of 8 to defend the expense of a public swimming pool, and haven’t looked back since. With eight years of competitive speech and debate training, dozens of conference, classroom, and organizational presentations under my belt, numerous virtual presentations on a variety of topics, and a turn on the TEDx stage, I’m an extraordinarily adaptable and flexible speaker.

A playlist of 7 videos representing on-stage, online, and recorded presentations.

When you hire me for your event or project, you’ll get:

  • Content customized to the goals you are aiming for
  • Actionable takeaways that your attendees can put into practice that day and in the future
  • An energetic and adaptable speaker who can keep audiences entertained
  • Consulting on potential networking or social hour questions to help attendees get the most out of their experience
  • The option to have your event, or other sessions, live-tweeted in my unique and award-winning style.

I’ve been tapped last-minute for main-stage presentations in front of over 1,000 attendees, packed conference rooms beyond their capacity for breakout sessions, and acted as emcee as well as instructor for week-long intensives.


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Credit Union National Association Digital Marketing School & Marketing and Business Development Conference



Spokane MOMs Club

Exploring questions as empowerment
Spokane, WA; March 11, 2020

National Association of Federal Credit Unions
Strategic Growth Conference
San Antonio, TX; March 2, 2020

Greenville, South Carolina American Advertising Federation
Creative Fuel: Asking Questions for Online Reputation Management
January 15, 2020


Goodwill Industries Summer Conference
Online Reputation Management
August, 2019.

EWI Spokane June General Meeting
Love The Questions Themselves
June 18, 2019. Spokane, WA.

Credit Union National Association Digital Marketing School
Credit Union Adviser & Assistant.
Presentations (Presentation downloads for attendees):
Understanding the Landscape of Digital Marketing
Social Media Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Creating Video Content on a Not-So-Great Budget
June 3-6, 2019. San Antonio, TX.

PRSA Connect 2019
Building an Effective Employee Social Media Policy
May 15-17, Phoenix, AZ.

Mid-Columbia Tri-Cities SCORE (Download the slides here)
Digital Dirt: Your Guide to Small Business Social Media Success
March 27, 2019, Kennewick, WA.

Credit Union National Association Marketing & Business Development 2019 Conference
Social Warriors – Handling Complaints and Negativity on Social Media with Professionalism and Empathy
March 20-23, 2019. Las Vegas, NV.
Media Coverage: CUToday, CUNA News

The A Thousand Things to Talk About podcast seeks to feed your brain with bite-sized, research-packed daily episodes on random questions.
The Inlander, February 28, 2019.

How to Monitor Your Bank or Credit Union’s Reputation on Social Media
Epicosity Blog, February 27, 2019.

Women’s Leadership Luncheon
A Thousand Things to Talk About: The power of asking questions
February 6, 2019. Spokane Club, Spokane WA.

Tri-Cities Women in Business Summit
Empowering Your Communication with Questions.
January 30, 2019. Kennewick, WA. Slides & Sources Cited.


Northwest Credit Union Association Marketing, Business Development, and Community Outreach Council
Haters gonna hate: Embracing and managing online negativity
November 7, 2018. Multi-location remote presentation.

Cornerstone Credit Union League Marketing & Business Development Conference.
Embracing Social Media Haters and Creating Online Reputation Magic
November 7-9, 2018. Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Secure Spokane 2018
Social Media Security & Privacy
October 27, 2018. Spokane, WA

Bananatag Blog
Chuck Chats: The Power of Social Media and Radically Trusting Employees
October 15, 2018

Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce
Ask the Experts panel.
September 15, 2018. Kennewick, Washington.
Social Media Panel Member

Social Media Week Coeur d’Alene
Talkin’ About Online Reputation : Maintaining the Magic
September 10, 2018. Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Spokane Regional MarCom Association
Building, Maintaining, and Managing Your Online Reputation.
September 7, 2018. Spokane, Washington.

Spokane Journal of Business
Spokane podcasters make some noise
August 30, 2018 (PDF available upon request)

ICology Podcast Interview during closing keynote. Released July 22, 2018.

Spark Central: Podcasting 101 Summer Camp, June 12-14, 2018.
A three-session course, co-presented with Jeremiah Puhek. Acted as volunteer instructors to support Spark Central’s programs, teaching 20 students the basics they’d need to know for podcast writing, production, and distribution.

Credit Union National Association Digital Marketing School,June 4-6, 2018. Nashville, TN.
In addition to giving two one-hour presentations, I served as the credit union adviser and assistant, helping the other presenters with classroom learning questions and acting as event emcee.

  • Social Media 101: An overview of social networks, their demographics, uses, and best practices for credit union marketing professionals.
  • Online Reputation Management: How to find, respond to, record, and manage online reputation for businesses and locations.

CUNA News Podcast Dealing with social media ‘haters’
Interview led by host Bill Merrick. Episode released April 12, 2018.

BeTheTalk Podcast Episode 57: Ask Questions, Add Value
Interview led by host Nathan Eckel. Episode released March 27, 2018.

Credit Union National Association Marketing & Business Development 2018 Conference 

  • “Hug Your Social Media Haters the CU Way” : Monday, March 12, 2018. Discussing the philosophy and day-to-day tasks that a credit union of any size can embrace to make social media haters one of their best resources with an audience of about 150.
  • “Tech Talks” Panel: Tuesday, March 13, 2018. Joined by James Robert Lay of the Digital Growth Institute and Madhukar Kumar of CX Cloud at Oracle, we discussed the future of technology and how credit unions can make use of tech to further the goal of not-for-profit, member-owned financial institutions, taking questions from the audience of about 550.

Spark Central : Podcasting 101
Classes in January 2017 and January 2018, co-presented with Jeremiah Puhek. Volunteer teachers covering the basics of planning, recording, editing, and publishing a podcast for classes ranging from 8 to 16 people.


Quoted in Credit Union National Association Whitepaper
Martech: Emerging Marketing Technologies & Trends. December 2017

TEDx Coeur d’Alene : “Love the Questions Themselves”
September 16, 2017. My first TEDx talk, exploring the way questions work and how asking a question is extraordinarily respectful.

Spokane Credit Union Chapter : Social Media & Networking
April 20, 2017. Co-presented with Lance Kissler. A basic overview of how social media impacts business networking, the separation of personal and professional lives online, and a to-do list for maintaining a basic, intermediate, an advanced online presence.


American Advertising Federation of Spokane : Facebook is a Living Room, Twitter is a Cocktail Party
Nov 16, 2016 A Pika Kucha style presentation answering the most common question I usually get about social media.

Quoted in article
You Can Podcast From Anywhere (Even Inside a Closet). November 2016

CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Roundtable : MyInstaSnapTweetBook. Five things you need to know about metrics.
November 10, 2016.
With social media, the temptation can often be to jump on every network as soon as you hear about it. The fear of missing out can be quite strong. However, you can save you and your team a lot of work if you first take the time to understand what you want to do with your social media, what each platform offers, and how to measure results once you do jump in.

General Presentations

Classroom Presentations
I’ve presented for communications, public relations, and social media classes at Whitworth University, Eastern Washington University, and Gonzaga University. These presentations generally cover topics such as:

  • The day-to-day life of a social media manager.
  • Using social media for business communications.
  • Digital and online communications.
  • Building and maintaining a professional online presence.

Workplace Presentations
At Gonzaga University School of Law and STCU, I regularly presented or present to co-workers on topics such as:

  • Social media 101.
  • Corporate philosophy of social media.
  • The benefits and pitfalls of various social media platforms and how to best utilize them.
  • Security considerations of social media and online profiles.

Want to chat with me about presenting for your group, organization, classroom, or collection of friends?

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