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I’ve got a database of over 1,700 questions and growing. Why not put those questions to work for you?

Get a Weekly Kick-Start

For personal inquiry, professional conversations, relationship growth, or more — however you want to use them, asking questions can be one of the keys to growing.

While I highly encourage you to develop your own questioning habit, I’m also happy to share some of the questions I’ve already tried out.

Every Tuesday morning, I’ll send you an email with some of my favorite questions. Use them for journal or writing prompts, for conversation starters, or even just a way to get your brain moving.

I’ll never sell your email address, though there may occasionally be a photo of one of my cats.

Get custom questions, just for you.

I’ve helped conferences build networking questions, businesses get great reviews and testimonials with the right questions, and helped new groups break the ice and find common ground. I’ve even helped TEDx speakers and professionals dig into what they really want their message to be and what questions they need to answer.

The fact is, every web search is a question, every speech is trying to ask and answer some kind of question, and every product or service meets a need — and those all start with questions.

I offer one-on-one video chat, email, or phone consultations. I also am happy to quote larger-scale projects. Want to chat about what your project might entail? Feel free to book me for a free 15-minute consultation.