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Let’s learn to love questions

Loving questions is a practice, and we’re all at different stages. These self-guided and live workshops will help you dive into how you relate to and interact with the skill of asking questions.

Overcoming the unanswerable

Sept. 8, 6pm PST, online

We all have questions that we don’t want to — or can’t — answer. These conversation-stoppers can be awkward, uncomfortable, or downright scary. This workshop will give you the tools and strategies, as well as practice in turning those questions into an opportunity to maintain relationships without sacrificing your boundaries.

Feel like you’re an open book, willing to answer any question? This workshop will help you create a more welcoming environment, even when there’s something that someone doesn’t want to share.

Explore how you relate to questions


Questions have a huge impact on our lives – from the questions we are asked everyday to the questions that can shift the direction of everything. Your experiences with questions, how you think about them, and the way they act and interact in your everyday life can shift the relationship you with develop with asking questions.

This challenge will send you a prompt, along with a few sentences to get you started, every day for two weeks. Pick email or social media, and get exploring!

The next challenge will open for registration in early September.