Spring Equinox Sunrise

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Spring Equinox

This morning’s sunrise
Kissed as it was with
Cold wind and colder frost
Was also a sunrise
Of warmth and promise

A sunrise to mark the balance
Of the quiet slumber of death
That is beginning to pass
With the ecstatic explosion of life
That is yet to come

A sunrise to mark the transition
Where things are in wonderful
And challenging balance

The kind of balance that comes
At the bottom of the exhale
That comes in that moment
After a deep and cleansing sigh
But before the release is felt

These moments of transition
Where things are in balance
And can go either direction
Are powerful for their very
Unsettled and unsettling nature

When the veil is thinnest
And we are all given the chance
To revel in and celebrate
The places we have been
While moving towards the places
That we may wish to be

This morning’s sunrise was not
And shall never be a clear dividing line
But is instead a moment to appreciate
That a dividing line is only
What we make it
And this springtime sunrise
Is a chance to appreciate
The always-moving transitions
That make up the wheel of life